My havoc Saturday for house hunt

We been wanting to buy a house for ourselves. We are currently living with my in laws. It’s a great arrangement. Very comfortable also. We received so many special treatments with hot meals served almost everyday and helps on childrens… But with 2 boys I feel soon we will outgrow this current house. Getting an own place is ideal. Cause we also disposed another studio units of ours.

We been eyeing on this particular property for almost an year and waiting for it to happen. Finally Last saturday was it. We even gone all the way to starting Queuing since Friday midnight. Wishfully hoping things will happen in the way we planned, visioned, and hoped….. But I guess we are not creative enough. This particular “Episode” has a mind of its own. Things ended in a way we never expected! Probably because we were picturing it in a too positive way……

*Deep Sigh*… conclusion is, we wasted a night not sleeping….. waiting for more than 16hours.. And besides being witnesses of a super dramatic house hunt chaotic scenes with lots of security guards, prospects, trouble makers, gangsters and policemen……………. WE went home empty handed… The launch was called off… And we are still homeless…


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