Rant rant

Tell a story…..

A is born poor…. She barely has a full plate of rice on daily basis.

B has little extra in plate to offer.. But she need extra pairbof hands.

A was given an opportunity to work for B.
Whom make sure she has a comfy place to sleep, 3 full plate of meals daily.. Sometime got teatime some more. In return A need to take over some chores from B.

After sometime.. A forget about gratefullness… She start to forget that that full plate is something she has to work for…. She start to complain about that plate of food… Thinking she deserve something better and she can get something better..

B send her right to where she is… How does A do after that? I dont know. But just remember, dont take things for grantef. Anything we have now can be gone in a snap….. Think again…..


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