Buy less, consume less, preserve more..

Ever realize most people have same problem? Once you move into a new place, there’re plenty of space and the “chi” in the house is good.. Sometimes you might feel you have too much “space” and feel the need to “fill it up” a little…

Went shopping and gradually will purchase little by little to fill up those space… Then some of the stuff just start to pile up and more and more clutter…. Toys is a good example. Kids outgrown toys extremely fast.. Especially when toys nowdays serve many educational purpose too.. So you always have very good and justifiable reason to buy the next TOY!!!

That’s it… I think remaining space I have is really really limited… I should start to buy less, consume less and preserve more… After all, many stuffs at home can be used to make own toys…. helps on kids creativity also mar…  see this kiddo and his mummy and you will know why…..


2 thoughts on “Buy less, consume less, preserve more..

  1. Mery

    I agreed with son’s toys are getting more and more…I should stop buying him some new toys and let’s do the DIY myself together with my son.

  2. Exactly! I’m making effort to have more space at home by throwing the unnecessary stuff now. So I’ll think twice before buying next time 🙂

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