How much one’s mind can take?

Gosh! I totally forgot about Jude’s replacement class today!!! I am so freaking mad at myself! I receive reminder, I still remember it yesterday in the afternoon! And HOW CAN IT BE OFF MY MIND TOTALLY TODAY??!!!!

ARGH!!! I am so so so MAD at MYSELF!! HOw can I forgive myself??!! I really feel so lousy.. especially after a bad day during merdeka day… Suppose to be a great one.. Planned to go for a swim…


Swim gears-Checked,

Jude’s nap-Checked,

Manfred’s nap-Failed (only nap 5min)

Programme before swim-checked and it went so well…

Weather-HELL NO!!! it was pouring so heavily!! Mood spoiler! And you know what’s worst?

We have to go dinner despite swimming plan went down hill… Due to Manfred skipping his nap.. He was awfully misbehave and I guess I was in mood swing too and didn’t really be very very patient and nice to comfort him…

Got home everyone showered and ready for bed… And Manfred was in a extremely moody MOODY moody MOody STATE OF MIND!!

Me: Manfred let’s go sleep…

Manfred: NO!!!!!!!

Me: ok you go PLAY…

Manfred: NO!! I DOn’t WANT TO PLAY!!!!!!!! *continue with endless crying..*

Of course only if I had the mood and patient to be extremely nice and swallowed my frustration and also give in to his crankiness due to lack of sleep he could possibly be calmed down and go to BED! BUT It’s REALLY NOT MY FAULT HE SKIPPED HIS NAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i let him Cried…………………. Until at 3am he wakes up due to night mare and keep crying:- “mummy sleep with Manfred x 999times….. what did I do? Sleep and ignore………………………………………………………..

Okay you feel I am a lousy MOM? It’s okay.. We are just having a bad day…… Am I feeling better?? NOPE! Not after I realize I forgot about Jude’s replacement Class……. Now i Feel awful again…


4 thoughts on “How much one’s mind can take?

  1. It’s ok….it’s just class. He will survive without it. Maybe even happier you forgot. 🙂

    If it makes you feel better, maybe go through the lesson with him?

    At any rate, we have our days where our patience grow thin. Seems many mums had a bad Merdeka day with kids throwing tantrums. My losing temper resulted in worse….I dropped the baby! 😦

  2. oh dear. **hugs**. it’s natural to feel this way. Like Paik Ling said don’t be too hard on yourself. I guess we have to make allowance for things like these to happen. But, you’ve done your best and you are only human.

  3. Mummy Lynn,
    It is only natural for human to forget every now & then, what more a mother with 2 lovely active boys. Our brain is just so big to remember every single thing. Forgive yourself and give a pat on your shoulder. Skipping a nap or a 5 min catnap is neither you nor Manfred’s fault. Happens to me once a week with Belle.
    Hope you feel better already ya?

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