A little neglected

I began to believe. Manfred not a hard to handle boy. He been an easy boy since day 1. He can’t be unreasonably difficult for no reason.

Today after school, I pack his lunch and fetch him from school. Then we find a cafe and sit there to eat lunch together and chat a little. Then I told him we need to shower when we are home. He behave well during lunch, showered and nap at 530pm.

When he is awake, we stroll a little together with Jude and my MIL. I wanted to let Jude sleep after a while and suggest Manfred go stroll a little longer with MIL. But he refuse and insist I come along.

I spent some time to do doodling with him… He enjoys it a lot. Half way through I gave him dinner which he wallop everything speedily. Then resume to doodling again, then rhymes reading back doodling and shichida work sheets…..

What I am trying to say is… I think he purposely misbehave to get my attention. Not that I just found out but lately really lack of alone time with him. Especially when we have a schedule to fit on weekdays. Lucky today Jude zZzZzz early and I can spend some quality time with Manfred..

Honestly, I enjoy it very much…. Manfred sorry for neglecting you a little bit. I will try very hard to make it up to you ya. Hopefully di di won’t take over your bollywood stunt later..


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