I have 2 parrots at home.. Different species. First one don’t imitate what you say immediately. But it does after a while. The other one imitate what you say most of the time.

Species 1
Manfred: mummy, put away your phone.
Me: huh?
Manfred: cannot play iPhone for so long a….

*look at me with a serious stare*
*me speechless*

Species 2

Jude: apain
Me: hi Jude
Jude: hi jude
Jude: notty!!! *bang on table some more*
Me:where kor kor??
Jude: panpred(manfred)*pointing to manfred*


5 thoughts on “Parrot

    1. Lynette Chua

      Lol.. I like to see kiddos go “uh oh”.. The way they say it is just so CUTE!!!
      I am sure belle learned that drama look from mummy .

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