Jude is an intelligent boy, fast learner, quick tempered, great actor also. Being born in the year of ox and taurean, makes him extremely stubborn too.

Now that he is elder and more expressive.. I find it a real challenge when come to discipline. He would challenge me. Either by ignoring what I said, or throw tantrum. I tried being soft, stern, nag, repetitive counseling and etc.. He is stubborn as bull!!!! Gosh I lost my patient already.. Hub also kinda beh tahan on few occasion.

Give me more wisdom and patient please. I want to try my best to bring out the best in him. I know he is a great kid… Just tAke a little more time to get there..

There, my little bull Jude chewing on my fatty thigh..


9 thoughts on “Challenge

    1. Lynette Chua

      Angela, I do use cane to “threaten” him a little.. Sigh.. He is not “there” yet whereby he can remember consequences o misbehaving or why he need to behave sometimes….

      1. wah threaten only ah? maybe you should really ‘do’ it.. cos whenever u threaten them, they know that you’re not gonna beat them.. hehehe.. kids are smart! but i know lah, sometimes also sakit hati wanna cane them..

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