A day out with Jude

Today mood good. Drop Manfred to
School off Jude and I go for Kai Kai in MV. At the same time I can buy filter for our home water filter.

Today he is extremely well behave. Sit in car seat through out whole journey and pretty much walk nicely, sit nicely, play nicely and wait patiently when he is required to do so.

I had lunch with my sister. Bought filter and I still have plenty time to kill. I treat Jude to 2round of Mickey ride, then bring him for a walk at Isetan toy department(my boys enjoy being at toy department very much). Bought a sesame street cd which I find too old and not interesting at all.

I left at 2.30pm and grabbed some drinks before I left. He was stoned when I was waiting for my drinks. And he doze off before reaching the car. He slept thru till we pick Manfred up. It was raining cats and dogs and luckily I didn’t have to get out of car to get Manfred.


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