Goodbye Sensei

today is the last session of Shichida with Sensei Azy. She is the first sensei for manfred. Manfred is also the very first batch of her student too… Kinda like grow together in Shichida.

Manfred love sensei Azy very much. They have quite a strong bond. Even Jude whom warm up slow to stranger like sensei Azy… Jude was taught by another sensei for 1 full term, yet he warm up to sensei Azy immediately although only for short 5 weeks.

Before class, I brought manfred to florist and ask if he would like to buy flower for sensei. He said yes.. So he carry the small bouquet to sensei and say thank you to sensei.. He gladly gave sensei a kiss too….

After class Manfred snap pictures, gave sensei lots of hugs and another peck on cheek again. I am sure Manfred gonna miss her sensei. I miss her too.. She is very patient and great with kids.. Always have a big great smile despite both of my boys is challenging in class.

Manfred forever wander off to window to see cars parked outside the centre… For a good whole year… And sensei never utter a single complain or lose faith in Manfred… And true enough 2nd year Manfred start to sit and concentrate 90% of time in class…

Jude forever want to be nursed during class, “break dance” whenever sensei keep away the material, cling to me like a koala and sweep all materials to floor like a crazy horse….. Even I feel awful and embarrassed by his act at class… Never once I was judged or given remark that I am lousy mom with lousy boys…..

Thanks sensei, I am glad I found Shichida and I am glad you are the one who taught my boys…. Really grateful….


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Sensei

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hrm… Good question.. I guess I could write a long list about it yet I am not sure which is related to Shichida.

      One thing for sure I Learnt that I need to love my sons the way they are, not to make comparison, importance of love and bla bla bla…

      For manfred, he develop greater spam of attention to things, he picks up new word fast, his pronunciation is quite good since he started talking at 15months, great memory…

      He adapt to new environment fast, very flexible. Potty training was quite ease and transition of him sleeping on his own mattress also easy… All these were the reason I sign up for Shichida in first place.. And it proven work for my first boy.. I am waiting to see Jude result now..

      However, I do see many parent who didn’t sent their kid to enrichment class had same or even greater Achievement too..

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    1. Lynette Chua


      Yes Jude has started already. It is now his 3rd semester. He started off when he was around 11mths old. They take baby from 3 months onwards…. But good luck on securing a place. Many parents is on waiting list as long as a year or more.. Back then with Manfred I wait 6months also. Luckily for sibling they have prioroty. So Jude pretty much doesn’t need to Q…

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