What really matter

They drive me crazy everyday;
They fuss at meal time;
They refuse to get in tub during bath time yet they whined when bath time ends;
They refuse to nap; reject car seats; mess up my stuffs, slam toys, slams my phone etc…

But bottom-line is:- they were born healthy, and they are healthy… I really should count my blessing of having 2 absolutely healthy, active, jovial, cheeky,crazy whining or whatever you call them. I am grateful. Especially after reading about little Bernard.

So what really matter about motherhood is, as long as they are healthy happy, & thriving everyday. Nvm if they try to get me MENTAL. 🙂


6 thoughts on “What really matter

    1. Lynette Chua

      Jenny, Bernard was born with some heart complication. Exactly what was it I couldn’t understand those medical terms. He had to undergo a surgery and I heard there was a fund raising going on. By the time I heard of baby Bernard, he lost his battle 3days later at hospital. He was 7mths plus old only when he passed away.. So sad for him and his parent…

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  1. jess

    I can actually feel the pain. Being a mum was never easy. Especially my little gal right now was just 14 months. She touch watever, she open all the cupboard, she throw her clothes out frm the cupboard that been fold, she don’t wanna get out from the shower tub, she whinned. U name it, and she have it most of the time. But thank god, she healthy, she pretty and she giggle and smile most of the time. It was a compliment to myself.

  2. yeah….never mind if they drive you up the wall. as long as you can still scold them for being active. at least they are active.

    Thank God for my kids.

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