Bb Bernard

This is a brief translation for the link in previous post, regarding baby Bernard.
Some blogger mummy couldn’t read Chinese and I decided to translate it

This blog post Michelle describe the day she lost her first born, Bernard.

1st Pictures is Bernard ultrasound scan.

2nd pictures is Bernard the moment he was born

3rd pictures is their first family photo.

In this particular morning, Michelle played with Bernard. Then she clean herself and get ready to send little bro to school. Ah boy called her and urge her to come home immediately. And ah boy never specifically
Mention what happened, and asked Michelle to get home ASAP. Michelle could sense something was wrong.

True enough, when she reached home, her friend, bb Bernard and ah boy already waiting for her in car. They dashed to hospital immediately. Michelle was very scared n started to cry. Ah boy told her to stay calm.

Bernard stopped breathing when he was in the ER. Bernard gain consciousness later, but he wasn’t responding to them. Doc told them to prepare for the worse.

After Bernard was transfered to ICU, they take turn to see Bernard in ICU. Michelle and Edison(Bernard daddy) was first to enter ICU. Bernard held Michelle hand tightly. She was devastated to see tubes all over Bernard. She could see bernard was sobbing but because he was hioked to so many tubes and machines he could barely make a sound. She said lots of things to Bernard. Told him to b strong to overcome this and ensure that everything will b alright after this…Bernard calmed down after that.

Then it was others turn to go see Bernard. After a while, Bernard was uneasy again and doc advise Michelle to soothe him again. Michelle told Bernard that she will go get him a new toys downstairs, but bernard held her hand so tight as if he was telling her not to leave him, pleaded her to stay with him. So Michelle had her friend to go get a new toy for Bernard.

Michelle played Bernard some music and told him to wait for his new toys. Bernard fall asleep again. However it could see that his heart beat was not stable. Michelle kept telling Bernard to to leave, don’t follow the devil….. And bernards heart beat stopped…everyone keep calling out his name and his heart beat did came back for a while…. But it stopped again after that….

Doctor asked who was gonna sign the paper work. Michelle thought doc gave green light for surgery. She broke down when she found out doc was to issue death certificate. She begged doc to save her precious Bernard. But obviously there”s nothing else doc could do already. Her heart was bleeding as Bernard chose to leave, he is not reacting anymore…

It’s really heart breaking to read a mum write out how she lost her first born.. I tear badly after reading the post. I couldn’t imagine the pain a mother has to undergo for losing a son. I really couldn’t.


3 thoughts on “Bb Bernard

  1. Thanks mummy Lynette for translating the post to me. Really took me sometime trying to understand the Google Translator words.

    Felt so sorry reading about Bernard, it is a truly heartbreaking thing to see with your own eyes how your own child suffers and you’re not able to do anything about it and then watch your child goes… I pray that Bernard’s parents will find peace and comfort and treasure the memories they have with Bernard.

  2. Thanks for translating. I cried buckets because I can only imagine the pain. Like you said, although your kids drive you crazy, we should be grateful that they are around to drive us crazy!!

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