Movies and I

Prior to becoming a mother, I was regular to the cinemas. I watch movie almost weekly. Some weeks I watch 2 movies some weeks I skip. But usually I dash to cinema regularly.

Partly because my sister was with GSC and we did enjoy some perks in terms of previews, free tickets and etc. After Manfred, I still patron cinemas regularly but opt for midnight show. My mum was kind enough to take Manfred at night and next morning so I could go movie and sleep in the next morning.

But things changed after Jude. It’s really taxing to ask my mum take both if them during day or night. Despite having a helper, I still feel guilty for leaving them to my parents. After my dad’s health problem, i almost haven’t been to cinemas for months… Whereby hub still go on every Wednesday night at melaka. Why not? He was out station I melaka and Wednesday tickets is so cheap.

Lately I been to cinema once to watch resident evil 3D at signature. Hub complained lousy popcorn, bad storyline etc. But I came out feeling satisfied. Cause I get sometime to really sit and enjoy movie, popcorn and fizzy drinks.. So I told hub, our expectation differs now. I am happy so long it entertains me, gives me time to fully enjoy.. He on the other hand, because he goes regularly so he tend to compare and complained. So I told him, next time when we two go to movie together, please tell me that :”dear, I am so happy and enjoyed that we can go movie together!” period. Hello, some white lies doesn’t kill, at least a slightly mental housewife like me would be beaming with joy to know her hub happy to spend time with her despite lousy movie mar.

What about you? have your visit to cinema changed after no1 or no2 or 3,4,5 come along?


6 thoughts on “Movies and I

  1. You 2 are lucky mummies!
    The last movie I watched in a cinema was about 1 month before Isabelle came to Earth and we watched Knowing starring Nicky Cage. Not a superb movie but it was a good pre-mummy&daddy treat:)

    Whenever my parents are in town, they always offer to take over our duties so that we can go have some 2 people world. But I always feel so so bad to leave her so it never happened so far.

    But we are waiting and waiting for her to reach the right age to go to cinema with us and maybe a appropriate age for us to leave her with grandparents and without me worrying her every second 🙂

  2. I’m like Catheryn, the last movie was a few weeks before Vee was born, which was 20 months ago! Luckily we splurged on GSC Signature in The Gardens.

    Recently caught 3 DVDs while Vee slept. Guess I’m not missing the screen after so long without it. 🙂

  3. jess

    If i am not wrong my last movie with my hubby was 2012. After the movie, he told me he was very tired. He told me no more movie during weekday. But he has forgot we can only watch it on weekday and not weekend.
    Lyn, you should be happy no doubt ur hubby complaint about the movie, but he still be ur company to the movie.

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