Sesame Street Live

Shannon contacted me months back asking if I would want to bring Manfred to watch Elmo Show. Although Manfred is not a big Elmo fan, but I figure since it’s a show for kiddo and hub is free so we group purchase the ticket to enjoy 15% discount. Thanks to Shannon for getting the tickets for us with great seats! But once we were there, we were little regretted as we thought the arrangement will be same as Disney on Ice hence we didn’t op for 1st Tier ticket! And poor Rachel been wanting to go and have some interaction with all the characters.

We have to purchase 3 tickets (below2 year old free). And we tag Jude along this round. I was bit skeptical about bringing Jude as he is always very active and nothing could hold his interest for long. But I have to say I am surprised as he pretty much very well behave throughout the whole show.

I expected to have lots of booth selling souvenirs, toys, junk and stuffs like Disney On Ice but turns out outside theater was so quiet and we reached there early with nothing we could do except potty break and just get ourselves in the mood.

The show is really for kids. Lots of music, dancing, colorful stages, lots of lighting effects and simple story line.. Jude is so excited that he hold on the rail and stands  while watching the show. Manfred on the contrary always seek comfortable position whenever he is watching a show. FYI he usually propped a pillow and sits on my bed whenever I on the Barney show for him. Talking about potato couch in the making…..

No photos as I too lazy upload from hub camera. Overall, it was a great show. And they now came to notice Elmo!


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