Non halal

Warning! This is a non halal post!

Realize lately there”re many BKT in shopping mall? There was once we rarely can find non-halal food in mall. Not even to mention BKT which is all about POrK! But lately BKT is mushrooming in mall…. I didn’t try it out but I am sure many have noticed Pao Xiang bkt which they use string to tie up the pork.

Hub and I went try out the one at Taman Connaught. Hub ordered 三层肉and I ordered 小骨。 now what I kenot understand is my bowl of soup was so flavorful and thick; where as hub one was watery and bland. Hope they can maintain the quality
And consistency of the food they serve. Then I shall patron them again

Above:-Hub fatty pork
See how the soup differ?
Below:-my lean pork


4 thoughts on “Non halal

  1. Tried once at Centro, Klang. Didn’t find it very great. And that experience was bad also. Requested them to add soup but only quarter of a small rice bowl. Still those at the normal shop tastes better.

  2. jess


    U should try the one opposite the BP petrol. The clear BKT soup and need pre-order in 45 min are very nice. Well if you plan to try it out i’ll give u the contact and also address. A superb one.

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