No longer banana

I used to speak little bit mandarin with Manfred when he was a small baby. Then as I introduce education CD(if Barney, Dora and brainy baby series count) I realize all also use English ad the medium. Then I started to speak only English with him. Cause he understand English better and speaks mainly english.

He is in kindie for 3month plus already. He started blurred out some mandarin words since kindie. Now he is getting better and better. He will say:”我要看”. (I want to see); 没有(don’t have); 好吃(yummy!) and some non-understandable mandarin phrase. LOL.

So I can be rest assured Manfred will not follow hub foot step of becoming banana.(no offend) I just feel proud to e able to write and read and speak mandarin. I want my boys be able to too.


5 thoughts on “No longer banana

  1. jess

    I am a banana as well. But glad i have my husband who know mandarin and he is in the education line. I do prefer my daughter to go for chinese school and know another universal language. I believe tat also one of the reason some of the malays start enroll their kid to chinese school. In every way i believes chinese school are more better the malay school.

    1. Lynette Chua


      I do agree there’re more and more people wants to learn more language. Especially mandarin. My hub is the banana, but now he can understand a little. I always jokingly say he can start learning it together with the little ones. Jess, what language u speak with ur daughter? ur hub in education line? can share more what he does? you and ur daughter so lucky! it’s good to have someone know bout education. 🙂 speaking of which, I think i have 1 more list- to do. I have search for primary school already…

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