A night out

We hasn’t been to KL at night for so long. We used to be night owl that leaves home at 12am for outing. It become impossible after M&J come along. I am not complaining and I seriously don’t mind.

Just that today I am glad that I did it again, with the men of my life, Chris, Manfred and Jude. And we are loving it. We witness the crowd of ppl craze over newly opened UNIQLO, we witness the crowd at bintang walk since it’s a deepavali eve. We stood by the road side to admire a Ferrari on Manfred’s request. We roamed blindly on road and notice newly refurbished LOT10 that taken over by YTL. We grab some great bargain at Debenhams. We had a great night!

Happy Deepavali my
Dear blogger friends..


7 thoughts on “A night out

  1. so late the boys were not sleepy yet? I like night outing too (oh..should be early in the morning) as the weather is so cool and crispy. The only thing we are very afraid now are the drunken drivers on road 😦

    1. Lynette Chua

      We left home at745pm.. Jude was tired.. Manfred was okay. We left at 10pm. So wasn’t too late for them. And they had fun…

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  2. I wanted to go to the opening of UNIQLO too. BUt with a baby I guess a night out is still impossible for me. Glad you managed to squeeze a night out with the family.

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