Lucky boys lucky mum

Last Sunday Hub and I together with PIL attended an aunt 70th birthday. My SIL, V was kind enough to agree to take the boys while we were away.

Manfred this round with some brain washing he behaved extremely well. ( I told him I will ask report card from 姑妈, and if he misbehave he will not be visiting anymore. The threat worked.) *grin*

Jude on the other hand whined non stop for an hour from 10pm onwards. Probably sleepy and in the diff house. But EM still able to rock him to sleep.

Today I receive some pic taken:
Jude when he is happy

Jude when he is sad, angry, or anything else..

Yes, seems like he gave Aunt V floor a scrub too! (Some of you might have seen my FB video on Jude’s tantrum)


6 thoughts on “Lucky boys lucky mum

  1. jess


    Looking at Jude, remember wat my daughter did yesterday. She wore a white shirt, yet she rub the corner of the house just becoz we don’t let her play the key. Guess every kid goes thru this stage. Well, my mum have to take out the ruler and she said NO. And stand up. Hahaha!!!
    A gal, mopping the floor using a white color shirt – so teruk. And she can forgot like 15 min later. We have to remind her all over again with the ruler.
    Lyn – one more thing to ask – Jude love to wear shoe? My daughter don’t like to wear shoes. She only want to wear it when she knew she gonna do walking. Other then tat she just wanna take it off. Hmmm…

  2. hahaha….reminds me of my son. They jsut love to mop the floor. I have to scare him with cockroaches and ants that will bite him pain pain!

    But when they are happy, they are so lovable.

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