Movie time

Today is a happy Sunday, guilty one as well. I went cinema with Manfred. We watch Sammy’s Adventure in 3D. We left home at 10am and went to SBread for breakfast. WOW! Now Manfred will look at the Menu pictures and tell me what he wants to eat.

During the show, he pretty much behave well. 15mins into the movie, he stood up, reach his hand out and keep asking me :”Mummy, can I? can I? can I touch the turtle?” I burst out laughing! and I said GO AHEAD! hahhahaha Evil me! AFter trying for a while and couldn’t reach it, he then said to me again:”Mummy, help me take the turtles!”

Manfred o Manfred.You are so cute lar. After movie, he requested rice for lunch. So off we went to Nandos for lunch. Mamalyn on diet, so he eat chicken plus rice, I only take chicken plus vege! We had a great morning bonding, eating,pooping, and watching movie together!

Guilt? Cause Jude got ditched at my mum’s place lor! Jude, when can you join mama for movie? Let’s do mama plus Jude day out to cinema soon ok?


3 thoughts on “Movie time

  1. jess

    So good …. wonder when only i can bring my daughter for a movie. I believes instead of she sitting down, she will be start running here and there … and i will be like crazy lady chassing after her.

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