Such roller coaster emotion as I realize it’s December of 2010 already. I love my life as at now.. Still I can’t help to feel depress sometimes. Is this normal?

So much happened in 2010. Let’s not talk about whether it’s something to be jolly or not. But I certainly grow wiser.

Now it’s time to reflash 2010 and think of 2011 resolution! Of course I shall not forget to plan for how we gonna celebrate and welcome 2011!


3 thoughts on “Random

  1. certainly normal. my boys are not well and super cranky nowadays. feel like wanna die like that each time they cry or not wanting to let go me. still here i m sitting enjoying reading all about what’s up with my friend. how can life be better ? *smile*

  2. i dont know why…i felt that during schooling days..the time pass so slow.
    but last few yrs..its like SO FAST!!!! I m growing older each yr..and yes i feel i hv not done many things yet like travel the world, do more charity, do teaching….the list go on n on.

    i think on NYE..i will be at home…do my own reflection :p

  3. Hey Lynn,
    I think it is totally normal to feel lousy some part of our lives. That is all part and parcel of life. … ups and downs. After all, that is what make our life interesting ya? And I have heard this phrase that if we dont see the dark, we will not know how wonderful does ‘bright’ means. 🙂

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