Meet Charlotte Huan

I am so honored finally I am promoted to 大姨妈!I am the eldest among the cousin and eldest among my siblings. And I got married first and so I never have chance to have baby call me ah yi yet. So I am so so so excited when I know my sis was pregnant! After 9mths finally meet my little niece! Absolute cutie pie!
Charlotte Huan – born 3dec2010
She is absolute beauty with great attitude. Day 5 only and she already gave us endless international model poses.. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…






















10 thoughts on “Meet Charlotte Huan

  1. Congratulations Lyn!!

    I can feel your excitement! It is nice to be an Ah-Yi, isnt it? Now, you and your sister will have even more in common and can share the beautiful journey of motherhood. Lovely! 🙂

    1. Lynette

      Shannon, u mean I didn’t show her black
      Shiny hair!? Hehehehe I love her hair too.. I foresee sure em she dak cut the hair d…. Ao thick and shiny and long…

    1. Lynette Chua

      Paik ling, are u serious? I mean Charlotte really adorable.. No4? If u try no4 then I nail kereta no3 Liao.. Lol

      Sent from my iPhone

      1. PaikLing… Makes u want a girl hoh? come come, arrange another meet up, let u be surrounded by the 3 Huans sisters…

        Like I said, I support u, go for num4 (but I shall not be so gungho like Lynette to go on no3 wagon)…

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