Simply today

After letting out my frustration last night, I told hub I needed to go out a little more… So today I brought 2boys to Pyramid. I want to get a new pair of spectacles. My 3months old spectacles were ‘destroyed’ few days back. Can’t blame the helper Jude as he was actually trying to bring mummy spectacles in the morning… Sweet…. But cost me RM228 poorer.

It was a blessing as I pretty much got everyone fed by 9am. And smoothly finishes some of the things I had to. And we were showered and changed pretty quick. After early lunch off we three went to window shopping.

It’s now possible for three of us to go out on our own. Jude will take car seat. Manfred willing to walk a little on his own(he used to only want to be in stroller) Jude is willing to hold on to stroller while Manfred in stroller and vice versa, little help from ring sling, and the ability of them to take orders from me.

We spent some time snapping pic… It was fun. I had to bribe with some sugary snacks. 🙂 I let them get on kiddy rides.(duduk sahaja ya) stop by toys department. And I told
Manfred we are not going on the merry go round cause mummy no money. Wait daddy go then daddy pay money go merry go round.

While I was choosing my spectacles frame, they want to be a part of it too. They behaved well and thank lord we didn’t break anything at the store. Lol

Ok, today I am feeling more balance. My parent still act like child somedays.(yes, despite all downs, challenges, obstacles in life, things that I hated the most is to see my parents argue) i suppose they hasn’t resolved the problem. Which I guess I am not, and never in the position to help. I shall now just sit and let them resolve on their own.

From teenage years it has happened and it’s still happening. I used to curl up under blankets and cry when I hear them arguing in the living hall. I kid you not, real time big DRAMA. now I don’t cry when I walk into the middle of their fight, but It still affects me emotionally. Very much. I told them they are both ANNOYING! and went home with my boys. Then I told my hub, how much it hurts me to see own parent fight. So we shall try as much never to do that.

When I drove off from my parent place on Monday, Manfred asked me:”mummy what happened to ah gong and ah ma?” why they talk loud? And he even told me he could tell ah gong ah ma very upset. For god sake. 3year old oso can understand d… How long more this will continue? Sucks!


5 thoughts on “Simply today

  1. Hi Lyn,
    Couples of ages argue and fight. And yes, that includes our children’s grandparents. It does feel awkward and make you feel helpless, I know. I hope by the time you read this, your parents would have reconciled and resolve their issues. Stay strong ya 🙂

  2. Sigh…I know what you mean. I also hate it when my parents fight. Have to learn not to let it affect you so much. And it is good we can learn not to do things that will affect our kids.

  3. Aiyo.. what happened to your parents la… how many decades of marriage still arguing meh.. but then, some couples I know argues lots of time.. kinda like blended into their marriage.. or as if that’s the only way they communicate to each other… stay strong and hopefully your kids won’t be affected by this ler…

  4. Hey, I’m in the same situation. I am so drained out that these days, I told them both not to bother me as I have enough problems of my own. Don’t worry too much lah. I know it affects you and your mood because i feel the same so I’ll just focus on my OWN family. Having the kids around already make me happy. Hope Manfred and Jude have the same effect on you too 🙂

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