Weaning process update

I have started to try to wean Jude off my breast.. Well, at least for the day time. While I am away he is ok and he doesn’t look for me or the boob fix. But the moment I stepped into the house, he will follow me tightly and keep harrass me by saying :” Mummy nen nen” endless time till everyone also get annoyed.

It’s okay if he still want to suckle. I know my milk production is very little already and no way he can thrive solely depending on my breast milk, So introduce Pediasure to him since 3 months back. He still take only pathetically 3oz each feed, 2-3times daily. Also always left 1oz. And during the process is like “force feed”.  How much formula should a 19months old toddler taking? He still weigh around 11.8KG, 85cm tall. Compared to Manfred he is rather petite. Really petite.. Manfred weigh 12kg when he was 9months old.

Don’t mean to compare. Don’t mind if he is smaller in size. But taking 7to 10oz daily.. isn’t it a little bit too little? And add on to weaning stress, my breast engorged to stone hard last week(before menses). I had to let Jude suckle almost whole 24hours to get rid of the engorgement. Then right after menses the engorgement came AGAIN!!!! Wow! Big time torture as I was away the whole afternoon from Jude.. Imagine how miserable I was………

And best is…. MIL keep telling me try the medicated oil method. Put some spicy medicated oil on my breast and let him suckle. According to MIL Jude will flee big time and will never ask for the boob again. I didn’t quite think that will work. And true enough. No effect on him at all.. he even took over the bottle of medicated oil and start sniffing with his nose… grin at me some more… How to wean?

Anyhow, no hurry… since he is okay without the breast at noon oredy. Just hope I could slowly “talk” him out of it…. in exchange, he must take some formula ok?


7 thoughts on “Weaning process update

  1. Hey Lyn,
    Wishing you all the best in your weaning journey ya.
    For your benchmarking ~ Belle is taking 7oz milk when she gets up in the morning, 5oz before her noon nap and 8oz before she goes to bed at night. Of course, apart from all that, she takes her normal solid meals 3 times a day. And on days she is picky and doesn’t want her food, I will top up her milk intake. But maximum is 9oz, nothing more than that. I have tried to give her 9oz of milk but she could not finish.

  2. When you mention engorge, I also shudder! Hope your journey of weaning will go on smoother.

    As for milk intake…..at 19 months, I think my son was also cutting down on milk. Maybe 6oz 3 times, sometimes less. And now it would be good if I can get 4 oz into his body every 3 feeds he has. Is his food intake better? As long as he is not underweight and is healthy would be alright.

  3. Many breastfed babies reject / dislike formula milk. Have
    you tried introducing fresh whole milk and yoghurt? I started
    weaning by replacing 1 breastfeed with fresh milk / yoghurt. My
    koala-bear boy accepted it. Then I SLOWLY replaced more day feeds.
    Previously, he was suckling up to 10 times a night. After the
    day-weaning, he slept better at night, and weaned himself off all
    night feeds. The whole process was from 14 to 18 months old. He
    drinks 5-6oz of fresh milk / yoghurt 3 times a day via cup, so
    total about 15-18oz, quite standard for his age (now 22 months) and
    size (13kg). When he’s fussy about drinking milk at times, I put in
    his favourite food: small pieces of wholemeal bread or o-shaped
    cereal. Then spoon-feed him from bowl. That does the trick. More of
    our weaning process:
    Good luck!!! 🙂

  4. Use cabbage to cover ur breast. It worked for me la.

    I read HFM that she even put chilli..

    Dont worry about the formula..because formula is thick. Cos all these while, he is taking bm which is like water. So when he takes 2-3 oz..it is very full for him cos when taking bm, also 2-3 oz hai mai.. then formula 2-3 oz..is THICK.. U slowly up the intake.. or u can put cereal.

  5. Oh dear, sorry no advice to give you la. I might even have to ask you guys for advice should I decide to wean Ben one of this days, but as of now, still not a speck of formula in our house since day 1 so I have no idea how much he’s taking from me still hehehe… and at going to 22 months now, he’s only taking my BM when he’s about to take his daytime nap and before he goes to bed at night. In between night time sleeping and waking up in morning he will still dreamfeed about 2-3 times, so again, I have no idea how much he’s taking.

    Why you want to wean ya?

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