Manfred back to school

A month plus holiday is finally over. I enjoyed alone time
when Manfred go to kindie. But I enjoy his company when he is off
from School too. He is much more lovable after attending school.
Cause he has learn to wait, take turn, sharing and some other good
traits which I just couldn’t teach it myself. I was bit worried
during orientation as he cling to me very much. But he said that I
have to go into classroom With him on orientation, but he said he
will enter the school himself the next day. Which he did. He was a
sweet kid. I met his last year class teacher and I was told that
Manfred greet her with a big smile! Teacher was happy, so was I.
Jude tag along to school ride and he cried when kor kor entered the
school compound. He wanted to follow Manfred. Ok Jude, let’s work
harder on potty training so I can enroll you okay? It’s not working
if u keep peed on my bag, floor mat, and said :”wee wee


2 thoughts on “Manfred back to school

  1. what a brave boy. my girl hates kindy. so i’m not keen on sending her this term.
    ps. glad to hear i’m not the only one with the talkative maid problem! i think it is just our luck that their characters are like that. ppl tell me talkaive is better because at least we know what they’re feeling and thinking. but sometimes i really want some privacy!

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