Welcome 2011

Oh dear! It’s 2011 already. The final week of 2010 was so so so busy that I do not have even an second to reflash 2010 nor think of 2011 resolution.

Yes I welcome 2011 at I-city bazaar, busy working, promoting Freezy Snow drinks. Saw fireworks. Experience what we call soulmate, sibling love and friendship. (my part timer ffk me on new year eve, my SIS Jean and her partner Billy with such thoughtful gesture as they came to help out voluntarily. So it was Chris(hub), Jean, Billy and myself whom work frantically so hard till we all almost broke our back bone. But it was the 2nd most fulfilling feeling.(first being gave birth to M&J)

I vowed to live 2011 to the fullest by trying to work on things with 99% commitment. Family will still come first And I want to learn to be even more
Independent, have more patience, more
Compassion and more love and understanding. I will speak even nicer by talking slower, think faster and think twice brier speak so I don’t Hurt anyone feeling.

I came to understand I don’t have to live a perfect live. I will be grateful as long as I am able to be alive, face life challenges, take more walks, hear more talks……. And grateful family is my pillar of strength, support that it’s family whom stood by me, anytime.

Happy new Year dear family, friends, readers and everyone! And let’s get busy with CNY SPRING
CLEAN! dust dust go, good CHI come!


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