Jude is 20mths (already?!)

I realize I hasn’t been updating about Jude very much. Although he is extremely entertataining… ALL THE TIME!! really… This kid, you can’t possible be angry at him. At least not for long. Even when you are boiling hot on your head, somehow he is just so cheeky he could laugh his way out and myself or hub will burst out laughing instead of being mad.

His height was around 86 or 88cm during the last visit. Doctor said he is above average height. Weight wise average. 11.8KG. So above average height plus average weight make him look skinny…. yes i know i said it many times already. Don’t get me wrong, I am no longer worried bout his size or weight or what so ever already. Cause he is healthy, thrilling and on track with his development. Which are all plus for me already.

He speaks very well now. Very well. Pretty much every sentence we said he could “parrot” back at us. Only I wonder if it’s because we have a cambodian maid with us since his birth, his pronunciation seems not as clear as Manfred when he was a baby. But boy Jude he sure can talk. He will ask:”Can I go down, please?” (when his meal were finished and he is still strapped on the high chair) He asked kindie teacher :”Teacher can I go in?” (When he cried seeing kor kor went in school. He will say :”Mama(grandma) can I sweet please?” He will also say :”gugu go work, daddy go out, ye ye(grandpa) oi oi, naughty kakak etc…. he sure surprised me with all his speech.. and his singing… He loves to sing.. and dance at the same time. Yet a Justin Bieber in the making but he sure try hard! latest addition is he will hold a guitar together with Manfred and sing “secrets”.. And this morning I recorded he sings “jing bao bao”…. what is jing bao bao? listen to the video and tell me…



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