Little bit here and there

Wow. My boys sure had grown. This morning I showered without hearing screaming with both of them.(Jude usually don let me out of sight) they just play nicely themselves while I bathe myself away. Thank lord for today.

They “hurricaned” mess up the living hall as usual. Then they snack on cheese.

Manfred: you cannot eat.(pointing to Jude)

Jude(aka the parrot): you cannot eat!

Manfred: I eat big big! You cannot!

Jude: I eat big! You cannot!

*Manfred got annoyed thinking his brother is challenging him…. Which in fact Jude is just repeating whatever he said*

Manfred: MINE! cheese all MINE!

Me? Sipping coffee and watch the live scene.. So entertaining… Hahahahah


3 thoughts on “Little bit here and there

  1. LOL….good to have some ME time and dirnk your coffee in ‘peace’. Provided you can shut off the noise and close one eye to the hurricane.

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