Lion dance weekend

As mention in Earlier post, I vowed to keep CNY spirit alive for my boys by bringing them to watch lion dance.

Since it’s Thaipusam holiday so I googled all the schedules of major malls and we decided we will go to MV. I been telling M&J about it. They both excited about it. I show Jude some preliminary show via YouTube cause this will be his real first lion dance show. (don’t want get him culture shock). Manfred on the other hand I been teaching him days in a week to count down to Thursday! And now he
Can recite Monday to Friday. Way to Go!

We were super Kiasu as we reach the mall by 10.20am. Had breakfast and off we go Carrefour to do some CNY shopping by stocking up some packet drinks. They both had fun already as the trolley immediately become their imaginary vehicles.

We walked around blindly after we put our shopping stuffs back in the car. And we can still traffic was pretty heavy already. A lady stood by the escalator exit and ask people that were leaving where about is the parking lot and if she could take it. I was glad that I went early. I love the deco at MV. Much more than in 1Utama. I expected more from 1utama deco but somehow MV deco is so attractive, brings out the CNY feels…
It wasn’t all smooth sail on this particular outing, they whined and cried over tiny winy things. Jude was sleepy by 1pm, same goes to Manfred, and the parents. (We didn’t had our caffeine fix till 1pm. So everyone was cranky!) Jude fall alseep 15mins before lion dance starts. I manage to wake him up. they each piggy ride on our shoulder. GOSH! 15mins only I had sore shoulder!!! things we do for our little loves one!!! We just willing to go so far just to please them.. call me S*cker! I don’t care. hahah

They both enjoyed the show. Getting up close to a lion head? Both have different reaction. Manfred just pose slumber beside any lion head. Jude… you look at the pic and you could tell. He keep yell :” I DONT WANT!”

And despite they both being so naughty! We actually stayed back and waited for the next one! Ya.. mega loser parent!

We got a super up close spot this round. Manfred feet got stepped by the lion! He cried big time. He said:”Lion NAUGHTY!” And when the lion get too close to them, they flee and yellled!! hahahaha Yet they want to watch it. So the lion also seng mok just blink the eyes instead of flashing the head at them. It was a great time spent at the mall today. With a purpose. We were so so so tired by the time we got home. But it’s worth it. cause when asked:”Do you still want to watch lion dance?” THe answer is positive.


5 thoughts on “Lion dance weekend

    1. Lynette Chua

      Yes! I still wear my boy. Jude need it to fall asleep during outing. Very useful..

      We watch both type of lion dance that day!!

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    1. Lynette Chua


      Jude also quite scares. But he is ok to watch from far. He freak out when lion head gets too near….

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