Tick tock tick tock!

Tick tock tick tock tick tock…

What?! CNY REALLY HAPPENING IN LESS THAN 1week time!!!!! Oh my gosh! I still got tones of things to do! I haven’t got new note changed! I haven’t got my hair trimmed, I haven’t got my nail done! I haven’t tune my mood for CNY!!!!



7 thoughts on “Tick tock tick tock!

  1. Lyn,

    I got myself a pair of Birkenstock slipper.

    Baju done. Hair done. But Rm 5 notes are so hard to get it from the bank.

    Anyway Happy Chinese New Year to you.

  2. Aiyor… please… other than some CNY snacks, a box of soft drinks and Jolly Shandy bought by my hubby, we are not shopping for CNY stuff yet… We are pretty much into recycling back our clothes anyway hahahah…

  3. If not for my colleague I think I would not be in the CNY mood at all. Now, at least she is singing CNY songs….and harping me with CNY cookies and new notes! 🙂

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