In the previous post, I post a pic of my cracked windscreen, without elaboration. Sorry I wasn’t trying to scare anyone. Just that I wanted to remind everyone(including myself), accident could happen.. I thought i was careful enough as I well aware of the crazy traffic and the rush of final week before CNY comes.

I went to the bank in the morning. With Manfred, when I came out from the bank, I drove for about 30seconds, I notice a lorry parked at the side, I didn’t pay much attention and before I knew it, I heard a loud bang, I emergency brake, The next thing I know, Manfred flung to the front, his head knocked on the windscreen, and he was screaming and crying in shock. I was terrified too. And when i saw that cracked, my heart almost sinked.

I assume since my car was moving, i must be at fault. I gave him my number and told him I will repay for the damage. And I drove to Pantai Cheras immediately. Thank lord Manfred was fine except he was pretty traumatized by the incident. Now he either request to sit the rear sits, or he will willingly let me buckle him through out whole journey. Same goes to Jude. Jude seems to understand the impact, the shock and the seriously of not buckling up in an accident. (Good lesson learnt).

Myself, I feel so bad for the incident as the truth is if only I been more focus and not have so much in my mind, these things won’t happen. I am gonna let bygones be bygones. It’s a hard lesson learnt. I am thankful that Manfred is a Ok now. Thank lord for sending guardian angel to watch over us.

ALso wish all my friends and families, Gong xi fa Cai! HAve a safe journey back hometown for those who balik kampung!


6 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Hey Lyn,

    Accidents happens and it is beyond anyone’s control. We can very careful and cautious but sometimes accidents could be caused by the other party too. What is most important is everyone is alright and Manfred now will kuai kuai buckle up 🙂

  2. My heart nearly stop beating when you said Manfred’s head knock on the windscreen.

    Thank God indeed nothing serious. Hope you are alright as well.

    And good that the boys learn the lesson well and now sit buckled without a fuss.

  3. Aiyo… thank God he’s OK now! My friend’s daughter also similar thing, sit at the back don’t want to buckle, one time sudden brake, the daughter flung to the front, luckily did not hit further than the gear area, but still ended up with a big bump on her head la.

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