When can they clean themselves- Part 2

Remember i asked When can they clean themselves?

7Feb2011, Manfred kindie had CNY celebration and the school reopen after a week of holiday. ON this particular day, I just went fetch him as usual. In the car suddenly he tell me today he poop poop in school. So I just casually asked him:”you poop poop then who help you clean buttock bla bla bla..” He said nobody. Then I ask if he got clean it himself? (because few times he tried to wipe himself at home or use water to wash it.) Then he said nope. He also never clean himself. Then I asked if he got tell teacher he need to go poop poop or if teacher accompany him to toilet?

He gave me few different version of stories.

First version, he said he told teacher he want to poop poop, then teacher let him go poop poop himself. I asked him did he ask tissue from teacher? then he said teacher told him school no tissue, no water, not like house. I asked him did he ask teacher help him cleaned, then he say teacher no help him. I asked if he can tell me teacher name, he gave me a name.

Second version, he said he didn’t tell teacher he went to poop poop. Asked again, he gave me the first version of story again……..

And he came home with an uncleaned anal…. underpants stained with poop…. and he complained his buttock very itchy. Manfred is kinda clean freak. Even when pants slightly wet he also request to be changed immediately or he will cry non stop. I was kinda mad cause I couldn’t quite figured out what exactly happened? How can teacher not know he poop?Teacher suppose accompany them to toilet.

So the next day I talked to the supervisor at school and asked them to ask the teacher and assistant teacher. Supervisor and his class teacher both speaks to Manfred separately. so Manfred gave both of them same version of story. that is, Manfred told Teacher W he needed to poop. Teacher W let him go poop himself. And Manfred asked for tissue from Teacher W, teacher W told him school no tissue and water,not like house, cannot poop poop…. Then supervisor, class teacher, teacher W and Manfred gather and chat again. Manfred give same version of story. But he didn’t mention which teacher told him no tissue no water.

So probably Manfred main pandai sendiri, go poop himself, later kenot find tissue and dunno how to wash himself, then too embarrased to tell teacher, so he come up with an story of his own.

But given the fact that Manfred is a clean freak, I still quite puzzled and couldn’t accept the fact he could let his bottom uncleaned.. So I told the school, Manfred is only 3years plus, how can no one know he poop in toilet, and let him go to the toilet unattended? I told Manfred, next time poop in school must must tell teacher. If teacher W say no tissue no water, then go tell TEacher J, or teacher  A, B, C, D until he gets someone to clean his buttock! I said if all teacher no one want to clean his buttock then come home tell mummy! This way, next time if he poop, he cannot make story, and if teacher not doing their job, I would make a big FUSS!



2 thoughts on “When can they clean themselves- Part 2

  1. OMG. What was the explanation given by the teacher? Is it really no water or tissue? I dont believe!

    2. When a kid leave a class, the teacher or assistant teacher must accompany a child. Dont they know the class got missing one child?

    and as you said, he is just 3 yo. Let say he went to toilet on his own, come back to classroom..sure smelly ma or dripping or sitting uncomfortably. Then teacher dont notice? With this, I am also going to ask P’ teacher’s on Monday n see if P ever poop in school b4….

  2. Hah?! How can no water no tissue geh??!! Aiyo.. that case, how about give Manfred a pack of baby wipes (or wet wipes) at least got something to wet to wipe la… rather than leave the poop stained on his pants. And takkan the teacher or classmates don’t realised if there’s any smell or something?

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