How motherhood changed me

I have two boys. Blessed they are both healthy. Sometimes people ask me:” when want to try for another girl? You regret if no girl waliwalabilibala….”

You want to know what I really think? As a mother to two boys, it is already taking a toll on me, physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong, I love every bit moment I have with them, despite all their antic, tantrum, shortcoming, etc, I still love them, more than anything in the world.

I always think, our current society is already on extreme stressful, how it will be when its their time? At times of extreme difficult, my boys and and my family is the people who keeps me moving, gives me strength to go on, and keep telling myself, I can do it! And I am gonna make it!

Its sad to know your loved one is suffering, or sad. I can’t determine hoe my boys life will turn out to be. My ultimate goal is to raise them to be a wise, strong, confident and independent person to take on any challenges on life, and to know that no matter what they do, mummy and daddy will always feel proud of them. I need to know they can be on their feet, held head high up….. Even when I am gone..

So how not to feel stress as a mom? Now I know why my mum nags so much way back then.


3 thoughts on “How motherhood changed me

  1. Yes, motherhood is a life changing experience. Tiring, hair-pulling, dark eye circles and what nots but it is all worth it. It also make us understand and appreciate what our moms (and dads too) did for us, was all for our own good. It never fails to dawn on me how our children’s future or world will be like when they grow up (today’s world is scary enough). But as long as we are doing our best to prepare them for their tomorrows, that is good enough. Cheers to Mummyhood!!

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