HK Trip 2011 Day 2

We woke up at 8am, get everyone ready and went to have dim sum breakfast. We wished we could patron famous HK delicacy. but with 2toddlers whom interest in having fun, Q for food isn’t really what we want to be doing. So we just walk and eat anything we can find. Dim Sum we had was ok. We could find similar one, or even nicer one in Malaysia. That doens’t mean HK don’t have good food.. we just didn’t go and look for it.

We went to shopping at Ladies market and Fa yuen street as planned. Day 2 was the coldest to me.. Probably because I wasn’t very well. I started to feel nausea since day 2. And we shopped for an hour, i had to call it a quit already. I basically almost passed out. We end up at McD again, with me popping some med bought from medicine hall. I suspect I didn’t eat on time and masuk angin already.. I kept burping all the time.

End up we took a taxi back to hotel, took our luggage, and check in to Disney hollywood hotel. upon check in, I bought panadol from the front desk, and I slept in the hotel. Hub was so great as he brought the boys out to have fun… aka snapping pictures… I was kinda worry as I don’t know how they two will behave with only hub caring for them. but I was too sick to be out of the bed. To my surprise. They both behave so well… I mean really well. They hold hand, walk together, no fighting, and hub manage to snap quite a number of pic. Which I was very pleased. And when I went down to meet them, they were playing so nicely at the Malibu toy shop.

Ok, hub did a good job babysitting them. But he forgot to feed them lunch. hahahahahah so we had early dinner at the fast food restaurant in the hotel. They both again finished off my bowl of noodles. god they were starving already. And it was really fun to see them fight for food instead of toys… Good they ate my noodles as I pretty much didn’t have much appetite also.

AFter dinner we went back to room and shower. We plan to watch the fireworks from our room. Day 2 was very relaxing. We were suppose to go to the park. But i was not well and we change the plan to visit the park on day 3 and day4.

The fireworks was spectacular. they even have music for the fireworks from the channel 38. So basically it as enjoyable as i could remember 5years ago.

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