School updates

AFter going to kindie for a month plus, Manfred came back with this Complimentary CD.

I was quite please to receive it. They video tape the children’s typical day activities in school. Yes i been wondering everyday what Manfred does in school. Everytime he will tell me “I don’t know”. Pengsan or not? So the CD came right on time. It shows what warm up exercise they do during assembly, how they Q to go to classroom, they did puzzles, singing, story telling, painting, playground time, meal time, good bye song. They also took some shots of each and every children individually, some with their classmate. Very personalize to me. And I am sure glad to be watching it.

Manfred and Jude had fun watching it too. Manfred will tell Jude who is his friend, their names, bla bla bla. They usually want us to play it endless time before bed time. And when i switch it off, Jude will cry and say :”I want Jonathan ar……” cause Manfred has a classmate name Jonathan and somehow Jude remembers his name very well………


8 thoughts on “School updates

  1. Gwyn Chua

    wah, the CD will be real fun to watch. This sat i get to watch? hmmm i can’t understand why kids will answer nothing or i don’t know when asked what they do at school???

  2. this teacher really takes effort to produce this. I dono, when my girl was in her yr 4, her kindi class teacher did such CD also, but then i found out, only her class has it and not my friend’s son’s class next door 😦

    1. Lynette Chua

      Chin Nee,

      Not all done by school one meh? I saw it came with circular should b school one… Wow if qq class teacher do herself Then the teacher really good Le.. So thoughtful with initiative.

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