How much you pack?

Whenever I am about to go travel, I get little anxiety attack. I don’t want to over pack, yet I am worried I might miss out something extremely important.

Hub don’t participate in packing at all. “ZERO”. and if you miss out something important to him, he will say :”how come you never pack this this this….” *roll eye balls*

2adult 2kids for 4D3N, this is what I packed. 1 large 1medium(half full) luggage. That’s all…. Did I over packed?

And how much you normally pack? Any tips to share on packing for vacation?


5 thoughts on “How much you pack?

  1. I think that is a reasonable ‘quantity’ to pack. For the 3 of us on an average 4N/5D trip, we pack 1 large (for me and hb) and a medium-cabin hand-carry sized luggage (for Isabelle). And for standby, I always have a soft backpack/bag folded at tucked away inside the luggage pocket.

  2. definitely not alot if compared to mine!
    but i guess when kids turns 2, the bag can reduce tremendously. All the space for diapers, sterilizers, milk bottles etc can be removed

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