Art Time – Adding colours

We recently bougnht some photo frames from IKEA. IT cost RM5.90 for 3pcs of 4R photo frame. It’s not off top notch quality but serves my purpose..

I let M&J add colours to the frame as it come in plain beech wood colour. We rise and shine at 8.30am and we straight get to work! See how much they like it…… Jude whined big time when it’s time to clean up… But i promise if he behave and  help clean up, we will do more Art time…. and he obeyed.. *Phew*

After good 45mins of painting………… They continue finger paint themselves.. thank lord they create much lesser mess nowdays…..



9 thoughts on “Art Time – Adding colours

    1. Lynette Chua

      Thanks Jenny, I buy from a art supply shop in 1utama. It’s few door away from bebehaus.. Rm39.90 if I remember correctly..

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  1. jess


    Great idea. I still haven’t let my daughter try on water color yet, but she start to draw on every piece of paper I gave her. When do u start giving Jude a try on water color? I just too scare, my daughter will put the water color on her tongue rather then on a piece of paper. Hahaha…

    1. Lynette Chua


      Jude was Introduced to poster color when he was about 17mths old.. I let him join in with kor kor most of time… He create more mess at first.. Paint all over himself….. Hahaha not fun cleaning up thou.. But now he is more neat… Lesser mess, and lesser hassle…

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    1. Lynette Chua

      Oh ya… 45 min or more.. But don’t say I didn’t warn u about the after math ya.. Hahahaha but it’s much lesser mess these days n you have helper… So no worries..go buy your dozens!

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  2. wah…u r really turning into a crafty mama now! with the boys, i havent done a single thing at home with them. instead send them out to playgroup where everything will be ready, hehe…

    1. Lynette Chua

      Aiyah…. Way way way far from being Crafty la. Just give them colour and be creative.. 🙂 I rarely bring them to play group.. Time clash and stuff.. So have to find programme for them at home lo..

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