Personal view – eating out

Most of you who know mr would know I don’t cook. At the same time I am blessed to have MIL and mom whom are both good cook that put piping hot meals in table all the time…..

So weekend we eat out a lot. We been patronizing Old town a lot… Cause with young kids we prefer to go to old town or other similar eatery instead of coffee shop.. But the price of Old town is getting ridiculous…. Keep rising an rising. I still remember when their first shop in Bukit tinggi, we go there every Saturday before I head to work. Coffee cost only RM1.80……

LATELY I found a new place… At least the coffee is rm2.80, and Nasi lemak is much cheaper….. Rm8.80 with rendang chicken..

Of Coz, I still love traditional coffee shop for they are much cheaper and at times food are better too.. Now that the boys are bigger and meal time are quite easy, we go coffee shop more frequent. Just usually we go first thing in the morning…. Everyone eat eat drink drink, then go home poop and shower! No worry of germs lo!

How things on eating out has change since your young one come along??


8 thoughts on “Personal view – eating out

  1. dragonmummy

    My children are small eaters. If ever we go out, we get two meals for the three to share. Even for drinks, they share with us. Anyhow , we try to eat in as much as possible

  2. i haven’t eaten at a coffee shop since the number one child came along! always tapau back only. and on weekends eat at shopping centers or any kid friendly place. must wait a few more years before the whole family can eat char koay teow together outside. hehe.

  3. wen

    I’d love to eat out, but in Sydney it’s pricey! So we cook a lot at home, and you know me, I don’t like cooking, but am put in a situation to do so…. but since I start cooking, it isn’t too bad…

  4. You are not alone.

    With Isabelle around, we hardly go to kopitiams. We only go there when we have company such as my parents or my siblings because atleast they can help to carry or entertain her while we eat and she don’t have to be in their-usually-not-so-clean highchairs.

    Otherwise, we will dine in restaurants. More comfortable yet more co$tly! But no choice.

  5. Since my #2, we tar pau chap fan alot. Else I will cook 2 simple dishes and make do. #2 is really not a high chair girl so its really hard to eat out. At least at home she can crawl around and we can still eat. 🙂

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