bills bills…..


What I been up to? Isn’t it obvious?! I hate it I hate it!!! all because I don’t keep proper filing of whole year receipts.. I am paying for the price now…..

Yet we need the money back so much….. So die die oso must compile compile compile.. Only if I am that creative to make it into A robot statue…………..

Have you done so? Your e-filling??


5 thoughts on “bills bills…..

  1. Tell me about it! I’m the accountant for hubby’s biz. I was lazy when I started (What you expect.. I’m from IT background, zero knowledge of accounting what!!) so keep all receipts until year end then only compile… come tax time, gelabah la….

    Now smarter abit, I will keep receipts for 1 month then, at month end will compile everything and reimbursed accordingly so I don’t end up panicking.. ;P

  2. jess


    I haven’t even start mine yet. Just too lazy to do it, but i need to claim back.

    Let’s me rich for a month … and i hope someone can do it for me.


  3. I’ll show u my untidy study room next……….
    First I had it in order. Then I was looking for soemthing..just a piece of cert. now the room is back messy :(( n dont talk about bills n sort.

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