It was not the most pleasant weekend spent. It could be me, or it could be the boys… I got so so so stressed up with them and they seems like getting to my nerves to the MAX!! End up i sob in the room to let it out. But I am fine now….

I went to bed before 10pm… Only to wake up at 2am…. not able to fall asleep…… what I did? I shop for some books..I found this website http://www.fishwanstoryhouse.com/? from Elaine’s FB, I was looking for a book she was reading, couldn’t locate, but I found many readings… Not that these book are not available on shelves, Just I usually visit the children books area as I bring the boys whenever I go out, rare chance I get to browse those books. I end up RM126.99 poorer. But I am sure I am gonna be enriched by those reading. 😛

And before I went to bed again at 4am, I read a book which I bought from MPH. When I am extremely stress, I do enjoy reading, in the middle of the night.. FEELS GREAT!!!!!!!! 

This is what I read. I love it! It’s a book meant for creative people. Who says a mum can’t read marketing or business book? I read them!


4 thoughts on “Midnight

  1. glad to hear you are better… I had what you feel almost every week with my ‘demanding’ princess, but after seeing her smile, all Ok again.. that’s motherhood right?

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