Doggety fun

Do you allowed your kiddo to get close with pets? I know how thrill they will be to have pet. But no. We are not having any. I have enough in my plates.

Our neighbor is away for 6weeks. PIL is kind enough to take over feeding and watering. Neighbor has 3pet dogs.
2which is young puppy of 2months old. Today I let play at playground, back home for dinner, then we adjourned to next door and let them play with the puppy. Boy I think they were too violent. Cause they didn’t exactly hug the puppy in loving kind of way..

They have so much fun. I got no problem cause I can showered them immediately.. Yes, I am still a germ phobic mum




Fighting over to carry the puppy


8 thoughts on “Doggety fun

  1. oh i am a germ phobic mom too. we love dogs and my dad has 6. Ashley has been asking for a beagle but i said no because i know at the end of the day, i would have to take care of it. too much work. Do your sons ask to have one?

    1. Lynette Chua


      Wow! 6 huh?! Ashley must loved going to gong gong house…. Thankfully, they do not ask for a pet dog YET. Yes I agreed usually it will be the mum ended up with another “tod” to take care shall we decide to say YES.

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