Regain figure, regain health

I lose 4kg before CNY when I religiously cycle 4-5times weekly. It was pretty convenient back then as Manfred will be napping during evening and I could put Jude in baby seats behind my bicycle and go work out. I controlled my diet by not taking carbohydrates at night. I manage to shed off 4KG and I was at least 1size smaller. Then it stagnant there. For a good 2month plus. And I hasn’t been working regularly. Shame shame shame.

I do want to look better (if not good or hot :p) and healthy. So finally I started to jog again. And I lose another KG. I now weigh 65kg. Still another 5kg to go. I will darn happy if I can go down to 62KG. I was 60 when I got married. Back then I think I looked FAT, now I would kill to look like back then.

My thigh are sore……. I am all sweaty while typing this post… Waiting to take my shower. Pls pls pls be consistent with my workout! Pls Pls pls be more determined.. Pls pls pls shed off all the fats once and for all……… And pls pls pls regain healthier body……………….


3 thoughts on “Regain figure, regain health

  1. I lost about 2.5kg since end of CNY. I dont exercise 😦 I skip meals and instead of using lift in my office, i take the stairs. i dont think that is exercise right…. i m 57kg now. Before I had P, i was at 50-52kg.

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