Deeply concerned

Wow, first I was bothered by the fact that organic formula banned all the DHA & ARA or AAA stuffs. Of course, now days it’s all about natural stuffs right? And Kapoosh! We realize we been feeding our boys excessive sugar. Very likely as my boys take more than daily recommended servings!!!!

OH MY! So how? Switch to fresh milk? Not to mention not convenient when we are out about, have to warm up the milk, whether they can accept? Switch to those full cream milk powder? low sugar content and no worry of artificial DHA and all kinds of “A”.

So I coming up with a plan, since got so many deeply concerned issues. I might as well try to tackle all at once. Weaned off milk bottles! So they have to be off bottles. Then I can just give them fresh milk anytime they want, in cup of course. That means I don’t have to wash bottles, I don’t have to pack bottles, formula, milk powder or what so ever. They just drink packet milk if we are out, and drink from cup when we are home.

So weaned off bottles, and replace formula with fresh milk gradually. They both are fine drinking off cups. I gave Jude straw cups as he still creates a big mess without straw. My maid going back soon, I really don’t want be the one mopping the floor all the time. They are both okay without bottles. Except during betweeen 5am to 6am. They both need a bottle during that hour. Finger cross.. One thing at a time..


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