Wine Chicken

You know I never tasted wine chicken till I gave birth to Manfred? My precious first born?

And I was such a obedient mama on confinement cause I will eat every single dish my MIL cook for me. Except I request to be allowed to take lesser carbo. And I actually develop a LOVE for wine chicken. The stronger the better. After 999999 times watching how my MIL cook, tasting various confinement ladies wine chicken(I sure request to eat wine chicken whenever friends gave birth) I still find my MIL cook the best wine chicken. And I quietly learn up the dish.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to cook it for my chi muis. Aw.. they were all such lovely ladies, buddies as they give me real good feedback. Muaks to u, you know who you are buddies! I cook wine chicken, Spaghetti aglio olio, 3colours fusilli carbonara(for kids) and my birthday brother, stir fried broccoli with carrot and mushrooms.

We have take out of KFC, Dominos, Pastries, Mille Crepes, cheesecakes, rojak. Well, our menu is kinda rojak. :p but it’s the companion that counts! My parent place were so so so HOT! and NOISY! we had fun yakking and eating. Although I was busy cooking most of the time. I thought no one will really want to wallop the dish I cook. But food were gone within minutes it was served, and luckily I have prepared extras so I can keep on cooking! Not bad as it’s the really first time I single handed cook for 15peoples.

I have to thank my mum for allowing me to use her very precious private kitchen, thanks my family and friends whom polish off every single dish off the tables, and my maid,and my sis maid who helped clean up, and my fren’s kakak tina for entertaining charlize so we could yak a bit..

I shall cook more, so we could pot luck more. 

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