Fruitful Saturday

Hub was working today. Weekend without hub means weekend no going out. :p we start our morning by having water play at my parents’ place.

My brother bought this play pool as Jude’s birthday gift. My boys are so so blessed as although mummy decided to not buy anymore toys, still there are
Bunch of people whom just want to spoilt them. Hahaha




They had a good burnt of calories and they napped for good 2hours. I was blessed with 30min power nap too. No fun when u go to bed at 1am and wake up at 7.45am on sat morning.

Evening we were attending Isabelle’s birthday bash. We met up with hub at tropicana mall and stroll to party at 6pm. It was a great party as there were not too many kids and Food was great. Manfred finish almost 2big portion of fried rice, eat a handful of grapes and desserts too!

Catheryn even arranged some great entertainment with mr clown presense so we adult could really eat in peace.

Isabelle was rather Shy but I can tell she was pretty happy to see so many friends!







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