Jude 2nd birthday

8May2011 falls on Sunday, it is also Mother’s day of 2011.

2 years ago, I gave birth to Jude on mothers day of 2009. He was born on 9May2009. Today we celebrated Jude’s birthday at our place. With only close family. All were present except my brother who was working in Brunei. He missed Jude’s first birthday also! Despite Jude likes his Da Gu so much!

So guilty as although it was a Mother’s DAy, we didn’t treat our MIL to scrumptious meals. Instead she cook her sweat out since morning so we all could have good food for the mini party! Blessed her! She is always the one willing to do all the hard work single handed and never uttered a single complaint. This is very true. Despite she nag once in a while.. She is truly a great MIL.

We stuffed our belly so full as we practically started eating from 6pm till 9pm….. Photography stopped after candle session and after that we still have kuih, tong sui and coffee which we forgot to snap picture! It was such a great session as it was held in the comfort of home. The weather was SO SO HOT! But everyone had awesome good time eating, yakking, and playing (For the children).

Thank you to all my family members and my in laws whom willingly use their precious time to attend our small party, their thoughtful gift for the birthday boy Jude. We are truly blessed to have such supportive and wonderful members as family.

Jude, you were such a handful baby. Now that you are a toddler, you are even more handful…………. But you just have your own charm that no matter what antics u have, mummy, daddy, kor kor, and everyone still love you so so much. You are truly a great kid to have… Mummy just wish to have greater energy so mummy could keep up!

May lord continue to bless you with healthy body, healthy mind, abundant of energy like you always are! Grow up healthy, grow up happy….

More picture click here


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