Yay! Finally the long waited Kleenex Comfort Kit has arrived! We have always been a fan of Kleenex Tissue so when the Kleenex Comfort Kit arrive at the door steps, joy arrived too!

The moment I open up the box, Manfred straight get his hands on the silky, comfy and fluffy pillow. Even his favourite Chunggington coloring can wait.

I read the leaflet and to find out that Kleenex is now offering consumer choice of 2 or 3-ply facial tissues, which is made of 100% pure virgin fibre. You don’t have to compromise quality with softness. The new improved Kleenex facial tissue is soft and strong at the same time. Know why we chose Kleenex? It’s important because Kleenex tissues are hypoallergenic, with Manfred having skin allergies and to take care of Jude’s baby soft skin, we pick only the best-Kleenex facial tissue….

Half way reading the leaflet……suddenly I realize Jude was not his usual self cause he was extremely quiet..
Looks like he already discover the goodness of Kleenex once again….. Testing the soft and comfy tissue on his delicate face….

Yippie! Happy customer with approved smile on FACE!

And even better is the Vintage-themed Kleenex facial tissues now return in box packs too! The vintage-themed design makes me heart it so much that I couldn’t help and dash to nearby hypermarket and stock up again!


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