Lesson that I want to teach my sons, the lesson that I still learning..

Today is a happy day. Had lunch with friends at La Gomera. Went home and bring M&J down to Pavilion to spend some time together. We just window shop with the boys, let them run around, see look see look, burns their energy. They had good time as I can see they were pretty happy.

But at night I was suddenly having some mood swing. Feeling depressed. So the mind play tricks and jumble up again. Then I sat on the PC, and I saw this….

After watching it, tears roll down as I know how painful it is to fall down. Especially since adulthood, cause I remember the pain, how long it takes for me to stand back up again, and how opportunity slips because I didn’t wake up fast enough, how I waste our time dwelling in the pain instead of bounce right up on my feet…………It’s such a difficult lesson to learn in my life…. to bounce right up every time I fall… and I know this is what I lack of, and this is exactly what I want to teach M&J. I feel depressed or sometimes inadequate because I know I am not doing it, and I know by not setting a good example, very likely M&J can’t bounce right up when they grow up……


2 thoughts on “Lesson that I want to teach my sons, the lesson that I still learning..

  1. Baby Darren

    Thanks for sharing. A very good video. Don’t give yourself too much pressure…I’m sure they will learn their way too..in how to get up from a fall…take it easy and you will feel better. 🙂

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