Gold Coast Day2 – Warner’s Movie World

We cook own breakie as planned. See M&J enjoying their breakfast and making goofy face!

It was a Saturday, and we had planned not to go theme park on Saturday to avoid Q. Anyhow we somewhat missed the bus and Movie World plan got pushed to Day 2. We take a short stroll from hotel to Gold Coast highway almost everyday. And we took TX2 bus to go to most theme parks. To the extend Manfred would say today we take TX2 aR?

30minutes bus ride and we arrived at Movie World! with everyone excited to begin our Gold Coast theme park FUN! We were requested to take a photo for our VIP pass that entitled us unlimited entry to Sea World, Movie World and Wet & Wild up to 30June2011. And we paid only AUD99.99 each.

It poured for a while so we went into the 4D theatre showing “Journey to the centre of the earth”. AFter that the rain stopped and we hit the WB Kids session immediately. My plan was to exhaust them out so we could then catch some thrill rides with them napping. Mission failed of course. but They both went on all the rides. No doubt they had awesome fun. Manfred was lucky that he got to get on all rides. Jude skipped some due to height restriction. (Jude, eat more so u grow taller then mummy daddy try work harder to bring u there again ok?) Jean & Billy was so kind that they hang out with us snapping tonnes of pic of the boys. Later which I told them to go roam the park on their own and pak tor.

Here is pictures of them getting on the all the rides. Manfred went for his first roller coaster rides and he absolutely LOVE IT!

The hightlight of the day was……. after almost 8years, we went on thrilled rides again…………….. Starting with Lethal weapon…. WOW! And I actually feel really really young! Manfred cried big time when he saw I walking into the absolutely scaring Superman return.. only to find his mummy returned with disappointed cause close down due to technical issue….
Looks like nothing special? It spins 360 degree… for 5times….. HAHAHAHAA I went on with Jean and Billy first… which then I told hub he absolutely must must must go DO IT! And he did! And we never look back….. We conquered 80% of thrill rides in the whole Gold coast!

WE watch the stunt driver show too… 2thumbs up!

Jude did nap for an hour or so.. which later woke up to catch the parade.. I tell you.. Batman is so so so good looking….

Nevertheless, we leave Movie World with a very happy smile on face! And we cooked own dinner in the apartment again.. and we for a stroll along the esplanades after that… Gosh.. night time is freeezing…………..

Oh ya… I just realize I could cook too… 😛 hahahahahhahaha


3 thoughts on “Gold Coast Day2 – Warner’s Movie World

  1. NIceeeeeeeeeeee
    Makes me wanna make a trip now.
    I brought P to GoldCoast when he was 8 months old. So we didnt go for Movieworld. I’m sure he will like it now like ur sons…

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