Gold Coast Day5 – Dream World

Our day keeps getting better and better, more and more enjoyable……. And all of agreed that Dream World gave us the best theme park experience! First, We got a good deal for entry tickets, I bought a world pass at AUD79, due to May is my birthday month, so I get 4single entry ticket for 3adults 1kid at 50% off. We saved AUD150 on that!

A family picture with the ferris wheel………… This particular day was windy and it’s quite chilly when wind comes!

We had goose bump looking at that high tower!!!! When we visit Movie World, we saw the batwing spaceshot. And we thought, cheh! Same like spaceshot in Genting. So we thought thrill rides in GC has been overrated!

So when we see this, we know we gonna have to conquer our fear…by getting on this! So we were gonna convince ourselves to get on the tower of terror II & Giant Drop. Go to the link and view for yourselves what we hop on! And it wasn’t that scary after all! It was a great great feeling to be on those rides! Screaming at the top of our lungs! Letting all the stress out!

Manfred follow to do the spongebob dance… Jude was bit blurred as he just

woke up from his p

ower nap.

Manfred on the Spongebob Flypants ride

Pic with Spongebob. We missed out the photo session with Dora & Diego cause we went to the wild life park… Kangaroo feeding was so so fun till we missed D&D!

Moto Coaster! stimulate Motor GP rollercoaster. Manfred hope on the side car and happily scream for fun! for Twice! And he asked to go for third time! One thing good to mention. They have parent swap for this ride….For parent with kids with height restriction. So hub and Manfred went Q up. I wait at parent swap area with Jude……. after Hub n Manfred go for the ride, hub swap with me, he stay with Jude and I go for the ride with Manfred again. Fantastica arrangement!

Daddy and Manfred happily Q for motocoaster…

Yay! I get snacks!

Manfred on motocoaster!

Daddy can i ride too?

Here we are having fun at the wild life park. They have kangaroo feeding, birds exhibit, crocodile exhibit and u can even hug a koala for photo session. Yes.. pretty much a mini currumbin here. That’s why I say I would rather skip currumbin if i knew about it!

And here’s some picture snapping session. This is where we were near to Giant drop entrance, and we spontaneously hop on the giant drop…. And it was awesome!

Ah ya.. At dreamworld, Jude get to join in for a few mid level thrill rides…. like this



Fun Fun Fun… For everyone!

See Giant drop entrance?  Sis insist on skipping this… So hub me and billy went only!


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