Gold coast Day7 – Shopping and beach activities

sob sob… Day 7 liao… last day of holiday. WE planned to drive down to byron bay initially. Cancel off the day before as we prefer to do some shoppings and hit the beach. And pretty lazy to wake up at 3.30am to do road trip…

So hub, myself and M&J went robina town centre for some shopping. Pretty much just a mall. They have Target mart, David jones, Myer etc… I bought some chocolate which meant to be brought back for family. But chomped down before we even got home! Should have bought more!!!! REgret regret regret!

AFter Robina town centre, we went back to cavill avenue to try out the vietnamese noodles. Thumbs up! The condiments were a lot! AUD8.90 u get at least 8big prawns in your noodles!!!!! And it was really fresh.. we not even talking about fine dining..

 The seafood noodles

The vietnamese popiah…

The beef noodles. Food was good!

AFter our late lunch, we hit the beach…..

Group photo!
My shopping loot.. pretty little huh….. 

With a heavy heart…….. I knew our holiday will have to come to an end. Despite horrible stress i had before beginning of our trip as packing always make me stress! It’s worth every hassle and stress I had to go through to make this trip happened. Thanks hub for working so hard so we could once a while have family breakaway! Since holiday comes to an end, second episode of horror began… The packing again! And I didn’t sleep till 1am…. of course the happiness make me well awake too…… And the worrisome of missing flight caused me not to sleep well that night.. But I came back a very happy person… truly happy one….. And thank lord to give me 2wonderful boys… whom despite drain my energy on daily basis, they are truly champion as a young traveller… mingle well with all the strangers on flight, ppl we meet during trips etc… And they owaz make me feel it’s possible to bring them to places.. cause they adjust well…..
OH ya.. did I mention they sleep pretty well every night? Despite took 8hours flight to gold coast and check into total strange place… I must be truly blessed I guess….


3 thoughts on “Gold coast Day7 – Shopping and beach activities

  1. Paik Ling

    Welcome home! What great fun. Very brave to go Oz with 2 young kids. I’m contemplating Langkawi, and even then, I’m shivering at the prospect!

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