M&J breakfast



Manfred: A cup of warm milk, a slice of bread with sunflower spread and 1banana

Jude: a cup of warm milk, and 1banana

This is what they have for their quick breakfast at 830 to 9am. Which followed by fish porridge at 11plus.

You think enough or not? Some day the bread and banana is replaced with soft boiled egg.


4 thoughts on “M&J breakfast

  1. Since your boys are having brunch (fish porridge) I guess OK la… if you tell me example Jude can last from morning to lunch with just milk and 1 banana then I feel not enough lo, but you got give fish porridge, so Ok la…

    For Ben, my backup breakfast for him is always oats. No matter what he will take oats hahaha… portion about 10-11 teaspoons of oats add water, then cooked for few minutes then I served, each spoonful top with grape or banana slices or cornflakes cereal, depends what I have. Other than oats, normally I make French toast (1 slice for him), or boiled egg (1 pc) or noodle soup, also depends whether I got the time and energy to do so or not. And almost every breakfast will come with a bottle of Vitagen la, else fruit juice or milk or plain water.

    Lately we are trying to put more variety into his breakfast, lunch and dinners. Will see how it goes.

  2. I think their breakfast is very nutritious and definitely enough 🙂

    For Isabelle:
    9am – Breakfast: 8oz milk
    10-1030am – Midmorning Breakfast : Pancake or cornflakes (with or without milk) or biscuits or cakes or banana oats
    1230-1pm – Lunch : Porridge or rice or cheese omelette or mashed potatoes

    Midsnack usually depends what we have at home.

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